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  • Diablo III Reapers Of Souls Expansion

    Features Of The Reaper of Souls Expansion  The Crusader class: Unlocks another class Act 5: Unlocks a fifth act and the end to the game The Mystic: Allows you to customize the visual style of the armor and weapons Level 70: You can now level up to level 70 Adventure Mode: Unlocks adventure mode Blood […]Read More »
  • Mega Man (NES)

    Mega Man NES Walkthrough Introduction  Mega Man is a pretty unique game. The game starts off with you getting to decide which Boss to fight out of six that you have to defeat. Each boss has its weakness to a certain weapon, which is pretty special in a game this old. By the way, if […]Read More »
  • Guild Wars 2

    Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough Guide Starting off Once you start off, you will need to choose your Race, Profession and Home World. Home Worlds are your basic adventure area and cannot be changed unless you pay a fee. After this, you will choose your Race from the ones listed below. Then you must choose your profession, (also […]Read More »
  • Grand Theft Auto V

    Grand Theft Auto V Game Guide Since its initial release in September 2013, Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the top listed games of the present time. The fifth installment in the popular action-adventure game franchise has recently been released for the next generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you have […]Read More »
  • Star Wars The Old Republic

    Classes  Trooper (Jedi)  Troopers are the main Class of the Jedi and are mainly used on the front line of battles. Their protective armor and state of the art technology make the Trooper a force to be reckoned with. They can most commonly be found on the front line, but it is not uncommon to […]Read More »