• Battlefield Hardline Walkthrough

     Introduction In the game, there are 10 episodes and a prologue, each playable in 3 difficulties, Cadet, Officer, and Veteran. Beating all levels on Officer or Veteran will unlock Hardline difficulty at the end of the game. Expert Level In the game, you have an expert level (up to 15). When you level up, you […]Read More »
  • Action Fighter Walkthrough

    CHEAT CODES  Here are a couple cheat codes to use at the beginning of the game  Enter your name as HANG_ON, and you will get the first 4 letters collected! Enter your name as SPECIAL and get 3 extra lives when the timer runs out, as well as being bulletproof! Enter your name, as DOKI […]Read More »
  • Minecraft Walkthrough

    Introduction Minecraft is an open world sandbox game that is extremely popular. Markus Person, also known as Notch, released Minecraft on May 17, 2009. It was later sold to Microsoft for $2,500,000,000. What he did with the money? Outbid Jay-Z and Beyoncé on a Hollywood Home, the final bid being $70,000,000. Minecraft has expanded tons […]Read More »
  • Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

    Exo Suit Perks After the end of each level, you will be given a screen with your Exo Suit. Here, you can upgrade your suit depending on how well you did on the level. The perks you can upgrade are below. Perk 1 Lightweight: Move Faster Low Profile: makes you invisible to the UAV scorestreak […]Read More »
  • Diablo III Reapers Of Souls Expansion

    Features Of The Reaper of Souls Expansion  The Crusader class: Unlocks another class Act 5: Unlocks a fifth act and the end to the game The Mystic: Allows you to customize the visual style of the armor and weapons Level 70: You can now level up to level 70 Adventure Mode: Unlocks adventure mode Blood […]Read More »